What is WProtect?
WProtect is a software utility that useful for blocking and redirect specific URL. Very useful for parents who are concerned with their children when accessing the internet. There are many negative sites that should not be accessed by them. Many ISPs are already providing services blocking, but sometimes they have less complete database. This software will help to resolve that issue.

System requirements
- Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 32-bit
- 256 MB free RAM
- 1 GHz x86 processor

You can directly download this software from this link, or from our selected partners.
Current version
WProtect 0.2.1 (Installer for x86)
Release date: 19.01.2017
- Fix hot key bug
- Fix settings bug
- Added hotkey customization
- Added autorun option
- Added tray icon
- Some improvements in user interface
- etc,...

Older version
WProtect 0.1.1 (Installer x86)

Helps and some notes before using WProtect 0.2.x
- Use "root" as default password
- Use Alt + F11 to show
- Use Alt F12 to hide
- Use "http://" prefix for target URL redirection
- NO HTTPS support

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